The 4th Dimension

 Even in present time, where all evolutions are happening at an ever-accelerating phase, people tend to see the world with a common misconception. This is the concept of change. Better said, many people fail to see the nature of change as one of the fundaments of objects (intangible or not). Albert Einstein already proposed that if we look at the nature of things, we should always consider the 4th dimension. This dimension of time is ALWAYS a property of the 3 dimensions already known. An object exists in length, width, depth and in time. If it doesn’t exist in time (even if it was the smallest amount), it doesn’t exist at al! When looking at the time property, it can be concluded that this (4th-) dimensional axis represents change. Some objects grow, some shrink, some change color or some coordinates. Whatever change occurs, the essence of the object still stays in tact. The object itself stays what it is, and what it has always been, until it has been destroyed. We also musn’t forget that everything that has a beginning, has an end.
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Have you seen god?

Important Notice:  This was a report that once was made for Philosophy for my education. Since I’m Atheistic and have strong feelings about the subject, I choose religion.  Although the contents may seem differently, I honestly respect every religion and worshipping of whatever deity one chooses to. BUT, I do want people to try and look further than that, that has always been proposed to them.
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Media Plaza

In the beginning of the 3rd grade, I had to do an internship of 5 months. The company I choose for was Media Plaza. The aim of this company is to stimulate innovation within ICT, marketing and E-business, targeted at Dutch corporate life. My goal was to organize several events. Some of these events were ‘new years drinks‘, for several branch organizations. The other (and most fun) was the organization of Speld in Hooiberg 2007, which I did with a company tutor and people of Twinkle.
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About Copyrights

Once inspired by a piece, once read on Ymerce (Dutch site), I choose not to copyright my intellectual properties (thoughts coded into words) on this site. I strongly believe that any form of copyrights on ideas withholds innovation. This innovation is, on its turn, the catalyst of our economy. It cannot be so that if I find a new truth, which could be good soil for numerous other ideas, the monopoly of use belongs to me. The truth can and should never be monopolized! The truth belongs to everybody, and anybody should be free to use it as one sees fit.
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Secondary Education (the right thing)

  Then after two years of hard working (see *work*) I fell in love with the concept and use of (mass)communication. I worked at a management level and was sure that I wanted to continue this in the future. I loved technology and learned that I liked to be creative (why don’t Dutch secondary educations focus more on this helpful skill). Read more »

Secondary Education (wrong choice)

  In the old days, when I didn’t really think about long-term consequences of the choices I made (I thought I did back then), I made two consecutive wrong choices in my succeeding education. The results from the past were -wrongly- my logical choices for the future (isn’t there a saying that speaks about this?). Read more »

Primary Education

From the years 1995 until 2000, I have been a pupil at the HAVO (Higher General Secondary Education) at the Mencia de Mendoza in Breda. This was the start of my real discovery of the world. When I look back, I think of a careless time. It was a time when fun came first, education came second. Read more »

The changing media landscape

Important Notice: This report was written as an educational assignment. It states my personal vision, based on various resources. If this happened, these sources are given. If I infringe any copyrights due to content I’ve written, this is based on coincidence, or the universal truth of the statements made. I hereby place any of my ideas in the public domain, since I believe no single person should have monopoly on the truth! Contact me, if you think differently. Check my copyright statement.

the communication (r)evolution!


This presentation clearly demonstrates the effects of a revolution that is among us. In the recent 100 years, our media has influenced our worldview and changed us in profound ways. In the last few decades, change started to accelerate exponentially. The media landscape has changed enormously, because of technological innovations. This landscape is still in motion, but now on a level where technologies seem to interweave. Read more »

What this is all about

Greetings and welcome to my personal portfolio.

Because of the ongoing trend of people integrating their online and offline identities, tracking every aspect of life and the growing need for extended portfolios and résumés, I decided to move into this phenomenon.

You can find various subjects regarding my personal life and interests on this site. May you find it interesting who I really am, I suggest you to check out this site. In case you accidentally encountered this site, you now know who is behind it!

I am a native Dutch speaker, so while most posts will be in English, don’t be surprised if some are in Dutch.

Happy Surfin’

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